And what's your excuse today, sir?

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For nearly 50 years John Scott has subjected the South African scene to his unique brand of genial satire and throw-away humour. This selection is his latest, in which he pokes relentless fun at our pocket-filling politicians, but is gentler with other human foibles such as the Springboks’ inability to beat the Japanese, the churches’ struggle to put bums on pews, teacher truancy, a co-pilot’s failure to pass his breathalyser test, how to understand a Spanish-speaking locomo-tive, and whether to save school kids from that arch-colonialist, Shakespeare.

He describes how he personally watched Pik Botha disappear behind a curtain one night with an air hostess, tried to persuade a still bashful Dr Christiaan Barnard to have his photograph taken, was challenged by Athol Fugard to a typing contest and, in one of his few serious moments, had an overwhelming encounter with Mother Teresa.

Illustrated by Tony Grogan.

John Scott is a former editor of the Cape Times. He wrote a parliamentary sketch, Notes in the House, from the press gallery for 30 years. From 1971, he wrote the satirical column PS, and is still writing it, now in Die Burger. In the course of his career he went to Israel with prime minister John Vorster in 1976, toured Europe with president PW Botha in 1984, and covered the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

John brings an original mind to bear on the happenings and problems of daily life. His humour is generous; his satirical barb is sharp; his grasp of politics is perceptive. — Tony Heard, previously editor of the Cape Times.

In Scott’s humorous and satirical writings, over more than four decades , he has been exposing hard political truths about our society. — Willem Jordaan, editor of Die Burger.

16 X 24, illustrations.

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