Ten paces behind: a family saga

Book cover for Ten paces behind: a family saga by Ione Rudner published by Africana Publishers

R225 | 361p. | ISBN 978-0-620-69217-5

This book was written for members of the Rudner family and their friends. It is about Jalmar (a Swede) and his South African wife Ione Rudner. Besides their professions – one an architect and town-planner with the Cape Town municipality, the other a research assistant and editor at the South African Museum for 29 years - they were also amateur archaeologists, who undertook numerous archaeo-logical expeditions and many week-end field trips in Southern Africa.

They jointly wrote several books and many papers based on their archaeological work, as well as translation of nine by early Scandinavian travellers in Southern Africa. Their story relates numerous anecdotes on their experiences and people and places encountered during their travels.

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