Book cover for Bokbaai by Dan Sleigh published by Africana Publishers

R240 | 213p. | ISBN 978-0-6399111-4-4

Bokbaai has a pre-colonial as well as a recorded history of peaceful seclusion, a rare asymmetrical gabled house, world renowned wildflowers, the cold Atlantic sea, kilometres of rocky shores, sandy beaches and dunes, a spectacular view of Tableview of Table Mountain and air like champagne.

The farm has legends, myths, stories of ships and histories political, social and personal, like that of the Kübe family who were overseers of the Government lime works and the convicts, some of whom were slaves, who laboured there in chains, and of the Duckitt family as its custodians and their faithful caretakers, Jan and Susie Bokbaai.

The farm has conservation status as a provincial heritage site and a provincial nature reserve. Under the Mapula Trust’s custodianship it is now entering a new stage in its history, as an environmental education centre.

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